Guild news.


The next guild meeting will be Saturday September 12th at 10:00 AM.  The venue still needs to be confirmed.

There will be no guild meeting in October, it will be replaced by the Laverne Waddington backstrap weaving workshop.


If you are new to weaving or are looking for a way to get started, our member Ramona Abernathy-Payne will be offering a 3-day beginning weaving class in her studio in August. Details can be found here.

Guild Meeting September 14 from 2 to 4 pm

This next Sunday’s meeting will take place at the house of our member Martha Paradeis

Agenda for the meeting

We have some fun stuff planned,

1. Ramona will share her expertise in tying different knots useful for weaving:

If anyone is interested in learning the difference between a square knot and a slip knot, a lark’s head and a weaver’s knot, plan to bring these few supplies with you to the meeting.

Bring two lengths (18” each or so) of different colors of heavy yarn or small rope, like clothes line size or a bit smaller. Nylon shoe strings work well, too. You want cord that can be untied easily for repeated practice. I’ll bring a book to help and we’ll play to get comfortable with a variety of knots that help weavers.

2. Michele Belson and Michèle Girard will do a small demo of weaving on a  Rigid Heddle loom and one will be available for you to try.

Please use contact email for directions to the meeting.

What’s happening?



November:  Fabric Swap!  

At the guild meeting Sunday we talked about the guild swap for November this year. We decided in March to repeat the patchwork bags we made in 2007. Attached is the file from the original project. 

At the meeting we agreed to iron out the details of the exchange at our August meeting but I thought some might want to weave fabric over the summer. We changed the requirements for the fabric just a bit. We agreed to use 5/2 mercerized yarn, weaving fabric the size noted in the attachment. Fabric is to be a twill, any kind of twill on any number of harnesses. Choice of draft is up to the weaver. We also agreed to use two colors in any way we choose. Wyatt has already woven a 24 shaft point twill variation, using one color in the warp and the second color in the weft.

When we get to the November 9 meeting we’ll exchange pieces of our cloth. That way every bag will be different but all will include fabric that another guild member has woven.

We had a lot of fun with this project, especially when we got together with our sewing machines for the actual bag assembly. The bags have proved very useful and have held up well. I’m looking forward to having another one, very different from the first.