August Guild Meeting

The next guild meeting will be on August 5, from 10-12 at Kathy Scott’s home.  Kathy is recently back from a weaving trip to Guatemala (Loom Dancer Odyssey) and we’ll learn more about her amazing experience.  Please contact Julie Paterson for more information (692-8636).

March Guild Meeting

Our March meeting will be on the 4th at 10am. We are meeting at Millstone Plantation. The address is 6500 Millstone Plantation Road, Tallahassee. Directions: 1) Going north on Thomasville Road are to take the first left after Chili’s. Follow the paved road, then taking the dirt road straight into Millstone Institute when the paved road turns left. 2) Coming south on Thomasville Road, about a mile south of Bradfordville turn right onto Millstone Plantation Road just past Water Oaks Plantation.

Help Requested for FTWG Conference Goodie Bags

Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference update: our district is in charge of goodie bags and door prizes again this year. Alice Martin has asked all the guilds in our district if we have anything we can donate to help fill the goodie bags and/or hand out as door prizes. Last year we donated bookmarks woven on inkle looms for the goodie bags. Does anyone have any ideas for things we can donate this year?