August Guild Meeting

The August guild meeting is on the 3rd from 10 to noon. If interested in joining us, please call Julie at 850-692-8636 for more information.

After the guild meeting is the third of our inkle demonstrations from noon to 2pm. Guild members are free, guests are $5. This month Ramona will show us how to warp our inkle looms to weave turned krokbragd.   Those wanting to participate are asked to bring:  

Inkle loom

3 colors of yarn with high contrast

Extra heddles for their loom (33 total needed for the whole draft)

2 pencils/chop sticks/small dowels or the like

2 heavy rubber bands



It will be helpful if people let us know how many will be interested in the warping technique so I know how many handouts to print. Please email Ramona (rapweaver [at] embarqmail [dot] com) if you are attending the demonstration so she can email you a basic explanation of the technique.

July Guild Meeting

The July guild meeting will be on July 6th from 10 to noon at Jane’s house (please call Julie at 850-692-8636 for address). After the meeting there will be an inkle weaving demo led by Wyatt where those attending will weave a sample strap using various weaving techniques. If attending the demo please bring your inkle loom already warped (any pattern is ok) and two shuttles. Guild members are free, guests are $5 for the demo.

June 2019 Guild Meeting

Our next guild meeting will be on June 1 from 10 to noon in Thomasville, GA. For more information, please call Julie at 850-692-8636.

After the meeting there will be a “Basic introduction to Inkle Weaving” (making heddles, basic warping skills) demo. If interested, please bring your inkle loom, warp and weft yarn (5/2 or 3/2 or size 10 crochet cotton) as well as seine twine/linen thread/cotton thread for the heddles…or just stay to watch. Members are free, visitors are $5.