August Guild Meeting

The August guild meeting is on the 3rd from 10 to noon. If interested in joining us, please call Julie at 850-692-8636 for more information.

After the guild meeting is the third of our inkle demonstrations from noon to 2pm. Guild members are free, guests are $5. This month Ramona will show us how to warp our inkle looms to weave turned krokbragd.   Those wanting to participate are asked to bring:  

Inkle loom

3 colors of yarn with high contrast

Extra heddles for their loom (33 total needed for the whole draft)

2 pencils/chop sticks/small dowels or the like

2 heavy rubber bands



It will be helpful if people let us know how many will be interested in the warping technique so I know how many handouts to print. Please email Ramona (rapweaver [at] embarqmail [dot] com) if you are attending the demonstration so she can email you a basic explanation of the technique.

July Guild Meeting

The July guild meeting will be on July 6th from 10 to noon at Jane’s house (please call Julie at 850-692-8636 for address). After the meeting there will be an inkle weaving demo led by Wyatt where those attending will weave a sample strap using various weaving techniques. If attending the demo please bring your inkle loom already warped (any pattern is ok) and two shuttles. Guild members are free, guests are $5 for the demo.

June 2019 Guild Meeting

Our next guild meeting will be on June 1 from 10 to noon in Thomasville, GA. For more information, please call Julie at 850-692-8636.

After the meeting there will be a “Basic introduction to Inkle Weaving” (making heddles, basic warping skills) demo. If interested, please bring your inkle loom, warp and weft yarn (5/2 or 3/2 or size 10 crochet cotton) as well as seine twine/linen thread/cotton thread for the heddles…or just stay to watch. Members are free, visitors are $5.

Mini Inkle Workshops

Following the June, July and August guild meetings (10-noon, first Saturday of each month) we will be having mini demo workshops on inkle weaving. Guild members may attend for free, non-guild members will be charged $10.

June: Warping an Inkle Loom
July: Weaving A Sampler
August: 3 Shed Inkle Weaving

April Guild Meeting

The April guild meeting will be on April 6th from 10 am to noon at Bobbie Golden’s house in Monticello. If you are interested in the mini workshop (Measuring your warp) to be held AFTER the regular guild meeting from 12 to 2, please bring yarn and your warping board (or just stay to observe). For more information, please call or text Julie at 850-692-8636